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Simchat Torah 5781

Join Rabbi, Amy Robinson Katz, Carl Cedar and the Community for a
Simchat Torah Celebration

Saturday, October 10th at 7:15pm
Davening, Dancing and Specialty Drinks!

As soon as we bid l’hitrahot (goodbye) to Sukkot, we turn to Simchat Torah when we celebrate the annual reading of the Torah.

This year, we are bringing the celebration to you!

We will be celebrating over Zoom with drinks, dancing and Torah reading from individual homes. Please join us Saturday night at 7:15pm for the festivities. To register, please click here.

Below are a couple of easy to make and even easier to drink cocktails from our mixologists. Get the ingredients ready, and together we will mix our cocktails during the evening event.

Pomegranate Martini
Submitted by Heather Katz

1 oz vodka
1 oz Cointreau
3-4 oz pomegranate juice
Scant drops of fresh lime juice
Ice, a shaker, and a pretty glass

The 7 species
Submitted by Beth Elster

1 oz bourbon (for a wheated bourbon look for Maker’s Mark, Weller, or Larceny)
1 oz Cognac
1 oz fresh-squeezed lemon juice
0.25 oz honey or silan
1 teaspoon fig preserve
1 egg white or 2 T aquafaba

Add ingredients to a cocktail shaker, without ice, and shake vigorously. Now add ice and shake again. Strain into a rocks glass with one large ice cube.

This cocktail brings many of the 7 species together, with bourbon made from barley and/or wheat, the grape-based brandy Cognac, as well as fig preserves and honey/silan (date syrup) for a sweetener. For individuals not wanting to use egg whites, substitute aquafaba (liquid from garbanzos) or just skip that ingredient altogether.