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Shavuot 5778

Saturday, May 19
8:30-9pm: Erev Shavuot Services
9pm-12am: Tikkun Leil Shavuot and Dessert
Alan Cortez: Isaac Luria and 1570-1572: Two Years that Literally Changed the World
Ed Heyman: The Second Oldest Profession – Spies in the Torah
Fred Reiss: The Book of Formation and the Seal of Creation
Howard Mirowitz: Jewish Imagery in the Lyrics of Bob Dylan: “Jokerman,” “Dignity” and the “Neighborhood Bully”
Mike Mymon: The Jews Of Tunisia – From The Destruction Of The First Temple To My Father
Max G.
Terry G.: “We will return to you, and you will return to us.” – The Hadran

Sunday, May 20
9:30am: Shavuot Services followed by a Kiddush Luncheon

Monday, May 21
9:30am: Shavuot Services with Yizkor and the chanting of
the Book of Ruth followed by a Kiddush luncheon

What exactly is Shavuot and why do we celebrate it?
Biblically, this holiday marks the beginning of the wheat harvest in Israel. Later, in rabbinic times, it became known as the anniversary of Revelation of Sinai. The pairing of the two is fitting: Wheat is the primary ingredient for bread, which is a life-sustaining food for our bodies. The study of Torah and all the literature that it has spawned is nourishment for our minds and souls. We need both in order to live healthy, balanced lives. Join us as we celebrate the Torah – – God’s love-letter to the Jewish people.