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Psalm a Day Sessions with Rabbi Spitz

A Psalm A Day – Tuesday – Thursday Mornings from 9:30-10:00 AM Psalms are Biblical poems to God. Jews traditionally read psalms during times of trouble. We are in such a moment. Jews also chant psalms as an essential part of our daily prayers. Please join me for a half hour study of a Psalm. All sessions with conclude with recitation of Mourners Kaddish

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Meeting ID: 871-4607-0727 Passcode: 1818 Call in number: (669) 900-6833

Click the Psalm below to view past sessions:

Psalm 1: Happiness Quest
Psalm 2: Royal Struggles
Psalm 3: King David Pursued- By His Own Son!
Psalm 4: Reassurance Before Sleep
Psalm 5: Awaking Anxious Over Words
Psalm 6: Utter Despair
Psalm 7: Defiantly Trusting
Psalm 8: Exalted Partnership
Psalm 9: A Judge Supreme
Psalm 10: Beware the Wicked
Psalm 11: Fly Off to the Hills Like a Bird!
Psalm 12: Smooth Talkers Whom Oppress
Psalm 13: How Much Longer?
Psalm 14: They Would Eat Up My People Like Bread
Psalm 15: Sure-Footed with Integrity
Psalm 16: Shiviti…Always Before Me
Psalm 17: Confident or Vulnerable?
Psalm 18: Soaring Deliverance Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Psalm 19: The Heavens Declare… Uplifting Truth
Psalm 20: Supplication for Aid
Psalm 21: You/you Are Strong
Psalm 22: Eiley, Eiley, Why Have You Abandoned Me?
Psalm 23: Part 1-Roundabouts of Justice   Part 2-Toward Spiritual Repose
Psalm 24: Pilgrim’s Chant: “Elevated Gates for the Guide of Glory”
Psalm 25: Let Me Not Be Ashamed
Psalm 26: Judge Me…A Banner of Integrity
Psalm 27: Awaken to God’s Nearness
Psalm 28: My Artisan Has Heard My Voice!
Psalm 29: Vocal Strength Toward Calm
Psalm 30: With Healing a Swirling Dance
Psalm 31: In Adonai I Trust
Psalm 32: Happy: Forgiven and Wiser
Psalm 33: God’s Words Are Real Power
Psalm 34: Who Is the Person That Desires Life?
Psalm 35: “Hah, Hah” – Shoah and Mocking Friends
Psalm 36: Reflections on Rationalizations
Psalm 37: Do Not Fret Over the Prosperous Wicked
Psalm 38: Painful Gloom of a Pariah
Psalm 39: Surely, Life is But a Passing Breath
Psalm 40: Testifying to Torah from Within
Psalm 41: Reconciliation or Revenge
Psalm 42: So Many Questions as My Spirit Thirsts and 43: Let Your Light and Truth Lead Me
Psalm 44: Why Do You Hide Your Face?”
Psalm 45: Ode to a Royal Couple
Psalm 46: Let Go…And Know that I am God
Psalm 47: Shofar for Divine Coronation
Psalm 48: City of Our God
Psalm 49: In Splendor Without Understanding
Psalm 50: Not for Your Offerings Will I Rebuke You
Psalm 51: Was Away My Sins
Psalm 52: “A Deceitful Tongue…Trusting in Wealth” (But I am like a leafy olive tree in the House of God)
Psalm 53: Workers of Iniquity Who Eat Up My People
Psalm 54: Upon My Enemies, My Eye Has Stared
Psalm 55: Who Will Give Me a Wing Like a Dove
Psalm 56: Placing Each of my Tears into Your Body 
Psalm 57: An Election Day Psalm
Psalm 58: The Just…Shall Wash Feet in the Blood of the Wicked
Psalm 59: “They Howl… and Prowl”
Psalm 60: “You Made Us Drink a Wine of Poison”
Psalm 61: Enthroned Enduringly Before God
Psalm 62: Only Through God is Stillness of My Spirit
Psalm 63: “My Spirit Thirsts for You”
Psalm 64: Their Cause of Failure is Their Own Tongue
Psalm 65: Your Paths Drip with Rich Abundance