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Participate in CBI Family Services for High Holydays Days!

A message from Carl Cedar about participating in this year’s High Holyday Family Services.

Dear CBI Families,

I need your assistance!

I am requesting your video submissions in response to two prompts: one for Rosh Hashanah and one for Yom Kippur.

For Rosh Hashanah: “Dear Gd, remember me for…”
Your response should start with those five words and then mention something you’re proud of accomplishing this past year – maybe a mitzvah that you did, maybe something you learned or got better at, maybe someone that you helped, maybe something you made that you’re extra proud of.

For Yom Kippur: “Dear Gd, in this new year, help me to…”
Again, your response should start with these nine words and then mention something that you’d like to improve on next year – maybe do better at cleaning your room, maybe learn to play the guitar, maybe be nicer to your brother or sister or maybe work on your Hebrew reading.

Here are the basic rules:

• Please wear a kippah in your video
• Please try to keep your response to about ten seconds maximum
• Record indoors in a quiet place with good lighting
• Please record on your phone with LANDSCAPE/HORIZONTAL orientation
• Please set your video specifications to 1080p HD at 30 fps. To do this: on an iPhone go to “Settings/Camera/Record Video
• Please label your files exactly like this:
If it’s a Rosh Hashanah response: RH-Amidah_LastName-FirstName.MOV
If it’s a Yom Kippur response: YK-Amidah_LastName-FirstName.MOV

Please email your files to my Production Assistant, Abby Steinmetz at Because of the size of the files, each video you submit needs to be sent in a separate email – one file per email, just send multiple emails. Confirm that your attached file maintains the extension .MOV

The deadline for submissions is Friday, July 24th.

Please understand that due to time limitations I may not be able to include all your responses. But you’re welcome to submit responses to both RH & YK, and various members of your household including parents and grandparents. But mostly kids 😉

Be well. Be safe.