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Passover Events!

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Monday, April 10
7:30 am: Fast of the Firstborn Shacharit  service followed by a siyyum and seudah (breakfast)

Tuesday, April 11
9:30 am: Day 1 – Service followed by lunch
7:00 pm: Community Seder-RSVP required (Register in the form below)

Member: $50/adult; Non-Member: $60/adult
Member: $25/child 6-12 yrs.; Non-member: $35/child 6-12 yrs
$15/child 3-5 years; children 2 and under free
This event is strictly kosher for Passover

Pesach Haggadah (5:3), “…Anyone who is famished should come and eat, anyone who is in need should come and partake of the Pesach sacrifice.” 

Just as we start the Passover seder by welcoming anyone who is hungry, Book of Exodus (23:9), “You shall not oppress a stranger, since you yourselves know the feelings of a stranger, for you also were strangers in the land of Egypt,” we welcome everyone to join us for our community seder.  Please call the office at 714-730-9693 if you need to make alternative payment arrangements.

Wednesday, April 12
9:30 am: Day 2 – Service followed by lunch

Friday, April 14
6:00 pm: Shabbat Service

Saturday, April 15
9:30 am: Shabbat Chol Hamoed (Song of Songs) Service followed by lunch

Monday, April 17
9:30 am: Day 7 – Shirat hayam (Song of the Sea) Service followed by lunch

Tuesday, April 18
9:30 am: Day 8 –Yizkor  Service followed by lunch

In keeping with our observance of kashrut, please do not bring any food into the synagogue during the 8 days of Pesach.