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A Psalm a Day Archive

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Psalm 1, Happiness Quest
Psalm 2, Royal Struggles
Psalm 3, King David Pursued- By His Own Son!
Psalm 4, Reassurance Before Sleep
Psalm 5, Awaking Anxious Over Words
Psalm 6, Utter Despair
Psalm 7, Defiantly Trusting
Psalm 8, Exalted Partnership
Psalm 9, A Judge Supreme
Psalm 10, Beware the Wicked
Psalm 11, Fly Off to the Hills Like a Bird!
Psalm 12, Smooth Talkers Whom Oppress
Psalm 13, How Much Longer?
Psalm 14, They Would Eat Up My People Like Bread
Psalm 15, Sure-Footed with Integrity
Psalm 16, Shiviti…Always Before Me
Psalm 17, Confident or Vulnerable?
Psalm 18, Soaring Deliverance Part 1
  Part 2
  Part 3
Psalm 19, The Heavens Declare… Uplifting Truth
Psalm 20, Supplication for Aid
Psalm 21, You/you Are Strong
Psalm 22, Eiley, Eiley, Why Have You Abandoned Me?
Psalm 23 Part 1-Roundabouts of Justice
  Part 2-Toward Spiritual Repose
Psalm 24, Pilgrim’s Chant: “Elevated Gates for the Guide of Glory”
Psalm 25, Let Me Not Be Ashamed
Psalm 26, Judge Me…A Banner of Integrity
Psalm 27, Awaken to God’s Nearness
Psalm 28, My Artisan Has Heard My Voice!
Psalm 29, Vocal Strength Toward Calm
Psalm 30: “With Healing a Swirling Dance”
Psalm 31: “In Adonai I Trust”
Psalm 32: “Happy: Forgiven and Wiser”
Psalm 33: “God’s Words Are Real Power”
Psalm 34: “Who Is the Person That Desires Life?”
Psalm 35: “Hah, Hah” – Shoah and Mocking Friends
Psalm 36: “Reflections on Rationalizations”
Psalm 37: “Do Not Fret Over the Prosperous Wicked”
Psalm 38: “Painful Gloom of a Pariah”
Psalm 39: “Surely, Life is But a Passing Breath”
Psalm 40: “Testifying to Torah from Within”
Psalm 41: “Reconciliation or Revenge”
Psalm 42: “So Many Questions as My Spirit Thirsts and 43: Let Your Light and Truth Lead Me”
Psalm 44: “Why Do You Hide Your Face?”
Psalm 45: “Ode to a Royal Couple”
Psalm 46: “Let Go…And Know that I am God”
Psalm 47: “Shofar for Divine Coronation”
Psalm 48: “City of Our God”
Psalm 49: “In Splendor Without Understanding”
Psalm 50: “Not for Your Offerings Will I Rebuke You”
Psalm 51: “Was Away My Sins”
Psalm 52: “A Deceitful Tongue…Trusting in Wealth” (But I am like a leafy olive tree in the House of God)
Psalm 53: “Workers of Iniquity Who Eat Up My People”
Psalm 54: “Upon My Enemies, My Eye Has Stared”
Psalm 55: “Who Will Give Me a Wing Like a Dove”
Psalm 56: “Placing Each of my Tears into Your Bottle”
Psalm 57: “An Election Day Psalm”
Psalm 58: ‘The Just…Shall Wash Feet in the Blood of the Wicked”
Psalm 59: “They Howl… and Prowl”
Psalm 60: “You Made Us Drink a Wine of Poison”
Psalm 61: “Enthroned Enduringly Before God”
Psalm 62: “Only Through God is Stillness of My Spirit”
Psalm 63: “My Spirit Thirsts for You”
Psalm 64: “Their Cause of Failure is Their Own Tongue”
Psalm 65: “Your Paths Drip with Rich Abundance”
Psalm 66: “You Have Refined Us As If Refining Silver”
Psalm 67: “May Peoples Give Thanks to You, God”
Psalm 68: “Battles and Revelation”
Psalm 69: “Humiliation Has Broken My Heart”
Psalm 70: “Let Them Turn On Their Heels in Shame”
Psalm 71: “Do Not Fling Me Off in Time of Old Age”
Psalm 72: “Your Righteousness for the King’s Son”
Psalm 73: “For I Envied the Decadent”
Psalm 74: “They Set on Fire Your Holy Place”
Psalm 75: “Do Not Raise Up the Horn”
Psalm 76: “Bring Tribute to the Awesome One”
Psalm 77: “When I Recall God, I Moan”
Psalm 78: “Puzzles Concerning Days of Old”
Psalm 79: “Pour Out Your Rage at the Nations”
Psalm 80: “Restore Us”
Psalm 81: “Blast on the New-Moon Shofar”
Psalm 82: “You Are Divine Beings”
Psalm 83: “Pursue Them with Your Tempest”
Psalm 84: “Happy Are They Who Dwell In Your House”
Psalm 85: “Justice and Peace Have Kissed”
Psalm 86: “There Is None Like You”
Psalm 87: “Loving is Adonai of the Gates of Zion”
Psalm 88: “Your Horrors Destroy Me”
Psalm 89: “A World of Kindness Is Built”
Psalm 90: “A Thousand Years in Your Eye is Like Yesterday”
Psalm 91: “Plague Will Not Come Near Your Tent”
Psalm 92: “Shabbat: It is Good to Give Thanks”
Psalm 93: “Adonai Reigns”
Psalm 94: “El of Vengeances”
Psalm 95: “Let Us Go Sing Joyfully to Adonai”
Psalm 96: “Sing to Adonai a New Song”
Psalm 97: “Light is Sown for the Righteous”
Psalm 98: “Let Mountains Sing Joyfully”
Psalm 99: “Exalt Adonai, Our God”
Psalm 100: “Serve Adonai with Joy”
Psalm 101: “When Will You Come to Me?”
Psalm 102: “Prayer of the Afflicted”
Psalm 103: “Let My Soul Bless Adonai”
Psalm 104: “Who Enwraps with Light”
Psalm 105: “Egypt Rejoiced When They Went Forth”
Psalm 106: “They Angered [God]”
Psalm 107: “Whoever Is Wise Let Observe These Matters”
Psalm 108: “With God We Will Do Valiantly”
Psalm 109: “Curse as His Garb”
Psalm 110: ” YHVH to My Adon”
Psalm 111: “Beginning of Wisdom is Awe of Adonai”
Psalm 112: “Happy is the Person who has Awe of Adonai”
Psalm 113: “From the Refuse Dumps”
Psalm 114: “With Exodus of Israel from Egypt”
Psalm 115: “Their Idols are Silver and Gold”
Psalm 116: “I am Your Servant”
Psalm 117: “Extol [God], All People”
Psalm 118: “Open for Me Gates of Justice”
Psalm 119: “Happy are They With Integrity” Part 1 Part 2
Psalm 120: “I Am Peace”
Psalm 121: “Guardian of Israel”
Psalm 122: “House of Adonai, Let Us Go”
Psalm 123: “Our Eyes are Toward Adonai”
Psalm 124: “If Not for Adonai Who Was for Us”
Psalm 125: “Never Shaken, Forever Settled”
Psalm 126: “Sowed with a Tear, with Joyous Song Shall Reap”
Psalm 127: “If Adonai Does Not Guard a City, in Vain is Vigil”
Psalm 128: ” Happy are All Who Revere Adonai”
Psalm 129: “Upon My Back Plowers Plowed”
Psalm 130: “For with You is Forgiveness”
Psalm 131: “Like a Weaned Child Upon His Mother”
Psalm 132: ” Arise Adonai…You and the Ark”
Psalm 133: “Pleasant is Dwelling of Siblings Also Together”
Psalm 134: “Bless Adonai”
Psalm 135: “Praise, Servant of Adonai”
Psalm 136: ” For Forever is [God’s] Kindness”
Psalm 137: “By the Rivers of Babylon”
Psalm 138: “On the Day I Called, You Answered Me”
Psalm 139: “Examine Me, El, and Know My Heart”
Psalm 140: “Poison of a Spider Beneath Their Lips”
Psalm 141: “Place, Adonai, a Guard for My Mouth”
Psalm 142: “I Pour Out Before God”
Psalm 143: “Teach Me to Do Your Will”
Psalm 144: “Happy the People When Adonai is Their God”
Psalm 145: “Opening Your Hands and Satisfying Every Living Being”
Psalm 146: “Halleluyah! Let My Soul Praise Adonai”
Psalm 147: “Glorify, Jerusalem, Adonai”
Psalm 148: “Let Them Praise the Name of Adonai”
Psalm 149: “Let Israel Rejoice in Its Fashioner”
Psalm 150: ” Let All the Soul Praise Yah”
Psalm Conversation with Rabbi Cohen
Psalm Conversation with Benjamin Segal
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