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Zoom Instructions

Zoom is a free technology for calls & videoconferences. You don’t need a personal Zoom account to use it. Zoom has step-by-step instructions on how to use it here.

We will be doing many of our social events and classes by zoom during our coronavirus closing.

Zoom Directions:

You have lots of options with Zoom.

We will send you a link and some phone numbers when we post an event.

This is the simplest video on how to “join a meeting”

How you can use Zoom

  • You can use Zoom on your computer by clicking the link we provide per event.
  • You can use it on your computer by downloading the “Zoom Client for Meetings” software from zoom’s website or from your android or ios device by downloading the “Zoom cloud meetings” app from the android app store or the Apple app store.
  • You can listen in by landline phone as well by using the dial-in number and room code provided per event.

Video and Microphone

If you have a camera on your computer you can participate by video (or turn it off).

If you want to talk you must have a microphone or call in on the phone.

Here are some good basic requirements and directions

Directions If you want to use desktop on Windows (PC) or Mac
Directions If you want to use and Apple ios device
Directions If you want to use an Android device

On your phone:

On your iphone or android – download the app from the app store/google play – search for Zoom Cloud Meeting or use the link provided below and download the app.

You can download the app here for your computer
You can download the app here for Apple ios devices
You can download the app here for Android devices

Once you are on the zoom class/conference/meeting – with our without video, on your phone, tablet or computer.

  • Make sure you are in a relatively quiet place.  If you talk to someone else when you are unmuted we can hear you.
  • Consider earphones
  • In a large group we will mute everyone until it is time for you to talk.

Advanced instructions: