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Carl Cedar talks about leading High Holyday Family Services

High Holiday services are our annual renewal of faith and learning.

Our Family Service looks to engage both the young and old in a meaningful experience.

With guidance from Rabbi Spitz, I have sculpted an experience that I hope will fulfill your expectations. This is neither a children’s Junior Congregation nor a formal adult prayer experience. It is a hybrid, with the intention engaging all generations – Bubbe and Zayde too!

Presented will be the High Holiday themes of tzedakah, tefillah and t’shuvah – charity, prayer, and repentance – to inspire contemplation, reflection and learning for both you and your children. I hope the classic melodies of the season presented in the contemporary context of guitar will encourage participation of all ages. And on Rosh Hashanah we’ll have a communal blowing of shofar that should make an impression on all.

One of my earliest memories from childhood is sitting in shul with my father (z”l), twirling his tzitzit around my fingers and drawing Magen Davids with my pinkie in the plush of his velvet tallis bag. But nothing was more profound than looking up and hearing him singing his heart out in prayer. There is no more powerful transmission of our culture and way of life than the modeling that parents and grandparents do for their children and grandchildren.

Our service is only 70 minutes long. I encourage you to come early and enjoy the whole experience.

B’shira – In song,