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Davening Workshop #2: Shabbat Shacharit

Have been wanting to learn to lead Shabbat services? Are you interested in learning more about Davening for your personal practice? Would you like to add to your existing Davening repertoire?  Then watch the video below to learn Shabbat Shacharit with CBI’s Baalat Tefillah, Amy Robinson Katz!

Click here for a pdf of the handout from Davening Workshop #2.

Use the audio recordings below to keep practicing!

147 Shochen Ad

148 Chatzi Kaddish

149 Barchu

151 El Adon 1

151 El Adon 2

152 Titbarach

154 Ahavah Rabbah

155 Sh’ma

157 Conclusion

159 Amidah thru Kedusha.mp3

162 Repetition.mp3

162 V’Shamru Davidson.mp3

162 Yismach Moshe.mp3

163 Kadsheinu Carlebach.mp3

165 Barcheinu Avinu Carlebach.mp3

167 Kaddish Shalem.mp3