Join us for Shabbat Services: Friday at 6:00 pm, Saturday at 9:30 am
An egalitarian Conservative congregation serving the diverse Orange County Jewish Community

Our Board of Directors


President: Tony Kravitz
Executive VP: Marc Goldin
Secretary: Robin Steinmetz
Treasurer: Leane Kahrs
Financial VP: Gila Willner
Past President: Terry G.

Ways and Means: Sheila Stopnitzky and Becky Bridger

Social Action: Debbie Meline and Nancy Neudorf

Ritual: Barbara Zwart and Stuart Katz

Youth: Tom Levinstein and Jeff Kaufman

Membership: Diana Velazquez and Danielle Tendler

Housing: Craig Frankel and Beth Adler

Education: Rebecca Shilleci and Nonna Snider

Marketing: Earl Stein and Diana Velazquez

CDC: Samantha Feld and Traci Krepper

General Board Members
Beth Elster, Jason Feld,
Cindy Furst, Heather Katz
Sisterhood: Samantha Feld, acting representative
Men’s Club: Kevin Judd, President
USY: Hannah Levinstein/Max Ginsburg (Affiliate Member)